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help needed

Hey everyone!

I would like to pick everyone’s brain and artistic side!!! Yes, cannibalism is fun.

In art at college I have to do a mini study type thing and mine is based on illustration. I was thinking about a book as that is common, but then decided to do something I’d enjoy rather than for its simplicity. Sooooo I’ve chosen to illustrate My Ruin lyrics *nods*. The problem is im not sure which song, style (doesn’t have to be drawing), colours etc. ive tried picking out a few songs at random but its proving to be difficult thinking of the images to go with it.

Now obviously you could all turn around and tell me its my work so I should do it off my own back or chose a book if lyrics are too difficult. I’m sure you’re not going to do that tho…cuz you’re all nice people and I know you’d like to have an input ;P, plus its something to think about teehee.

So please help me with this. Any ideas will help to get my brain into gear! Thankies *glomps*

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